Monday, April 09, 2007

A day of chores...and a dream of flowers

I spent the day doing so many of those things I love to put keeping, organizing files and the biggest dread of taxes...what a royal pain in the butt...but at least I don't have to deal with it for another year. I also had to do my usual Monday tasks...laundry, grocery shopping, taking the garbage to the curb. I now am in the mood for some fun, but instead I will read my marketing book. I have to be up early to open the restaurant for the last time tomorrow...from now on I am a nights only gal and I am so glad it can finally happen, hopefully it will stay that way...I am not a morning person and cannot seem to function in the single digit am hours...well unless I am still awake from the night before.

So anyway I was all lusting after spring plants at the grocery store...which I did not buy as my green thumb friend Kahlyn told me that there are better places to buy plants and I should be going to them for a reason, but it made me really want the trees to bloom and flowers to blossom already! The buds have appeared, but the skies have been grey and its still cold...where is spring? So I will have to call up some photos from last spring to tide me over...


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