Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sketch Books & Journals

I like to record my life in a variety of mediums; I am also an image junkie. The result is a multitude of sketchbooks and journals that have been created over the years, noting the events and inspiration of my life. A good deal of these are private, but many, many pages are filled with inspirations and are thumbed through again and again when I need ideas. Of coarse in the past year....when I have had to devote 40+ hours a week to working away from my studio, I have gotten behind...the images of slowed down and need to be caught up on. I am trying to do this right now and have been going through my current working books getting ready to finally update them. I have my ever present sketchbook, that honestly has few sketches, but more of an image catch all and a keeper of lists...with musings thrown in for good measure, I have a big book collecting all the images and notes from the 4 bulletin boards I keep in constant rotation on my studio walls, and I have my jewelry for images and one to draw out my ideas in.

I thought as a way to get myself all inspired to catch up and get back on track, I would share a few pages. Excerpts are from last years sketch book and my current jewelry inspiration book.


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