Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

As I manage the bar of an upscale Mexican restaurant as my "day job" right now, I have been busier than normal recently trying to juggle two full time jobs...well much of the reason has been in preparation for today...its Cinco de Mayo! Personally I cannot wait for tonight to be the bar world there are certain holidays that are referred to as rooky nights...usually there is excessive drinking for no reason other then the day on the calendar and it always gets messy. New Years Eve, St. Patrick’s Day...basically any holiday that revolves around getting drunk. In general the bar is getting busier though, which means my nights there are longer and I am finding it increasingly difficult to manage to give myself 100 percent to two different places. Hopefully this will be my last Cinco de Mayo bartending during my brief return to the bar word....until then, I really love being able to have a job where I can meet so many people and socialize while at work!


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