Thursday, April 26, 2007

I love my new shoes!

So I saw these shoes one day about two months ago and decided that I HAD to have them! So I googled them and they appeared to be sold out EVERYWHERE...Oh the I signed up for an email alert to when they restocked and lo and behold they did! So about two weeks ago I pounced on the Adidas site where my dream shoes had been restocked. I was so happy...I counted the days until they arrived...when they did, I ripped open the box and placed them on my feet...and oh crap I think they're too big. Once again I will have to wait for delivery until the shoes will be mine, I lamented I went back on line and looked up the Stella McCartney section and I found out they were sold out AGAIN, already all shoes, except size 8 for some odd reason...were GONE!!!! Well I took a shower and pouted...then I tried on the shoes again and *gasp* they fit...I realized my feet were really cold when I first tried them on and were all small...I was in the pool! So anyway...I now wear my shoes with glee and never take them off (I first tried them on a 1 am last night, so that’s really not a big deal, but still...) So lets all take a moment and gaze adoringly at my new shoes...Asheni by Stella McCartney for Adidas...

They are comfy...even for light exercise, they are made to deal with sweat (its almost summer gimme a break), they look great with my beloved full skirts I live in all summer, they even have a dash of disco...gotta love the silver...AND they are adidas...which as we all remember stands for All Day I Dream About Sex...


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