Friday, December 07, 2007

New ideas!

So Manic trout has some big things in the works for 2008...I have a list of upcoming magazine appearances that I will let you know as they come out, I have been slowly working on a higher end line, international shipping is now an easy option, studio trunk shows will be a regular occurrence and these are just the great things already happening!

To celebrate the big things, I have decided that I want to have more little things, well little quantities, meaning more one of kind things...I have tons of vintage treasures that I want to use, but there is only enough for one I will be releasing a few a month for your enjoyment.

After this last show I had two requests for one of a kind necklaces that were different versions of current designs...I thought I would share these special pieces as I think they are so lovely. The top image is a different version of the O'Keefe Necklace that I had in turquoise with fuchsia yarn. The bottom image is a bottle cap necklace with luscious vintage red faceted glass beads.

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