Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I must be crazy...

...well, I'm sure you figured that out by now. I have decided since in the three days after the show, I have been asked repeatedly if I was going to have another before Christmas or if people could come by my studio and see I am having an open studio. Three days before Christmas. Thats what makes me think I'm crazy.

Now the main reason for this late date is that I will be done mailing off to the last minute on line shoppers and I have a hunch that there are a few locals who would find some of their dream gifts, its something fun to do in the midst of all of the holiday crazy and as I would be in my studio anyway, I thought it might be fun to entertain a we can even say its like an office party...except I'm the only one in the office and I have to rely on all of you to make the party!

I'm equally excited to have an excuse to buy lots off coffee, tea, cheese and candy to entertain with...because we know that I love those things.

If you're in the area please come and hang out for a bit, I promise to share the candy.

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