Friday, December 07, 2007

International Shipping

Alright all of you international Manic Trout fans, I have made it easy peasy for you to order, yay! Although I caught on a little late, as you will have to order by the 12th to get any gifts by the 24th...but life does go on after December 25th, so feel free to enjoy the shipping year round.

So here is the break down...

Shipping costs for Canada are as follows:

$4.50 for up to $100 via First Class Mall
$9.00 over $100 via Global Priority Mail

International Orders:
$11.00 via Global Priority Mail

After I had to email back and forth with a few of you wonderful customers who love MT enough to go through all that for shipping charges, I realized that there had to be a better an upgrade to my cart later and here we go! (see mom, my cgr degree comes in handy for some thing)



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