Monday, May 14, 2007

I heart Apple.

I am currently using my third Apple, and I will never buy any other computer. I just had to take a moment and rave about how much I adore the Apple company and each of my computers...two which rest in peace, we can add two ipods to the list too. As I mentioned last week, I ahem, splashed a glass of water on my wireless keyboard and caused it to short out...major meltdown over that one! Well Apple was very understanding and sent me a brand new one and prepaid shipping to return it, so I just had to pop the old keyboard into the box and voila my world was right again. So now I am happily typing ti da for me...and my apple...I will admit I have begun shopping for my next computer January I think I am going to purchase a new machine, and I may switch over to a laptop. I have always bought the biggest, fastest, toughest macs I could have built, mainly so that if I chose to put my cgr degree to use I would be all set to go, but honestly though, I no longer even have copies or Maya or lightwave, and I doubt I will all of a sudden get the urge to create 3d animations at this point...yeah, with all that free time I've got. I have been weighing the pros and cons, and the mac book pros are looking pretty snazzy and almost keeping up with the towers. I can still keep my cinema flat screen on the desk to use at home and honestly I am so afraid to travel because I fear of falling behind with Manic Trout that I need to make MT more mobil. I also really want to move sooner then later, and the whole process will go smother with a portable workstation right now...especially if I'll end up with a studio outside of my home.


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