Monday, October 27, 2008

I am a bibliophile...and this is my dream

I have a lot of books, thousands and thousands in fact. So many that when my ex husband and I split up amicably, he mentioned how glad he was to never have to move all of my books again, and in the past three years since then, I have only increased my collection. I do try to donate any books I no longer want, and I try to resist book gluttony...I also buy almost all of them used...(these little tidbits make me feel a little better about the bulging book shelves around my apartment)...although I am really lucky to have beautiful built in shelves in the living room, I still have 4 free standing ones taking up room.

While most people dream of gorgeous views, square footage and claw foot tubs, I have simple house dreams...a cottage by the ocean with built in book shelves in every room and a huge studio in a building of some sort a few feet from the cottage...which I would prefer to be covered in weathered shingles, but I can give on that, I also always loved old churches turned into homes, but I would really rather live in a cottage...ahhhh, one day it will be mine.

I also think I'll have to stay in the northeast, as much as I adore San Diego, I don't think I am able to deal with living any where other then the northeast, and I do love those seasons...ok I'm done daydreaming of waves and shelving, now back to work...

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