Monday, October 20, 2008

Late night studio happenings...

So I had to share this, as Shanley and I thought it was funny enough to document, there's a chance its funny enough to share. So about two weeks ago after we returned from a night on the town...that parts funny enough on its own as our town is really small and yet happening enough that I think we made the rounds and visited a handful of bar & restaurants before we made our way back to my studio for girl talk/night summarizing grooming? Faye tends to get talons quickly and hates it when I cut her nails, so to remedy the dagger nail, I absentmindedly grabbed a file and was filing away while we gabbed...until Shanley realized what I was doing and snapped a photo...

...admittedly the best part is that Faye is sticking her tongue out...I don't think she appreciates being teased about her grooming needs...

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