Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting all my eggs in a row...

I am really enjoying fall this year, I cleaned my home from top to bottom, including defrosting my freezer and flipping my mattress and therefore I am enjoying being in it when I get the chance. I am loving my new "day" job and although its the busy season there as well as with Manic Trout, I am so into both of them that I am pretty excited to be overwhelmed with work right now. The leaves are falling everywhere and as I live in New Yorks Hudson Valley, its gorgeous outside! I am even getting used to my new schedule and therefore able to exercise again...and one more thing...for the first time in YEARS I am cooking meals for myself again...crazy I know, but so good at the same time...tonight I had grilled chicken (the George Forman is the single gals best friend) with a Cajun rub, couscous and a tomato salad with yummy! Hmmm, I think I dare say that I am really happy right now.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Roper and shows some of my favorite simple pleasures right now...a clean house with a pristine white bed full of lots of layers and wellies to leaf kick in...

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