Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Design Process

Perhaps its that Spring is here, perhaps I just finally have time to get some real work done in over a year, perhaps its been too long since I've painted, perhaps because I've dropped a lot of dead weight in my life recently...who knows the reason, but the other night I couldn't fall asleep because I kept having these crazy painting ideas fly through my head.

I'll share more on this as I think its pretty cool to hear about peoples design processes, so skip ahead if you don't agree. Usually I know when I am about to start really cranking out some work, be it painting or jewelry, its pretty much the same. I start to get really manic and amped up and I crave inspiration, I devour magazines and blog jump like a lunatic. I talk faster then I usually do...and skip around from topic to topic faster then normal too. On the flip side, this alternates with images filling my head of ideas that I have...I even see how to make things...the steps and processes, its like visual problem solving, I almost get trance like and hardly talk at all and look rather preoccupied, because well I am. At this point I usually don't try to force myself to create anything, as I know I will be a whirl wind of production very shortly, I'll play around a bit with stuff, to see if I can actually accomplish something that I have conjured up, but I just dabble. When it hits, I just sit down and make stuff, sometimes for days at a time.

So anyway...I was lying in bed at 5 in the morning (I mentioned this the other day) and one after another the ideas were coming, so I have started to play around with logistics of a painting far, so good, and I'm thrilled! I am bringing back the tissue paper that I love so well, and am delighted to be playing with it again. I also received a huge shipment of supplies, which helps put those ideas into play. In the midst of all of this I have updated my big inspiration boards with all new images, to help the new ideas flow. Its going to be a very good spring I think.

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