Monday, April 07, 2008

Back splash idea (for my mom)

My mom recently had half of her house ripped open and had a brand spanking new kitchen put in...when its complete I'll have to post some before and after pics, because its amazing! Anyway...she has yet to figure out the perfect backsplash for her large viking industrial stove and having a bit of space to work with, wants to have something a bit different. Being the designer of the family, i have been keeping my eye out for ideas and last night found this in an Instyle Home from this past winter.

They used wallpaper, but I think that due to the size and shape of what my mom wants that a huge photo would look awesome back there...not a traditional photo though, but of art (as original art would be ruined with the heart and steam) so what about a big blown up photo of a painting or b&w photo back could even have your favorite view...toss plexiglass over it and its the most unique (and changeable) backsplash ever!

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