Monday, April 14, 2008

New Prints on Manic Trout

Who knows why exactly this took me so long to do, but as of today I have 6 new prints of my oil paintings available onManic Trout, very exciting. All prints are 10" x 8" and archival on matte paper and are $20.

On a separate note...I have created a Manic Trout page on facebook, I also have a personal page there if you are inclined to friend me...but anyway, if you love Manic Trout, then please be my fan on facebook, the more fans you have, the more you can do with the page.

There has been so much talk this weekend about social networking sites that its very much on my while we are at it, I have also been Twittering...which I have always thought sounded kind of naughty, and why I like it even more. Twitter is a site that allows you to post what you are doing at all times, via text or web and then your followers can see what your up too and vice versa.

So far my favorite thing about Twitter is that I follow a few other creative small business owners, and its like getting a glimpse into their lives and work, which I find utterly cool.

The hard part is not spending all of my time socializing and actually getting some work done around here...specifically my newsletter which should have already gone out this morning...meaning if you are not already signed up, then you have a bit of time to do so.

I am rather excited to work on a bunch of one of a kind pieces that I am releasing for spring, I love the idea of ooak, because the whole reason I started making jewelry was so that I could wear pieces that no one else would I will always share that fabulous feeling with you.

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