Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New designs in the making

I have been enjoying my anvil...the photos are not good, I just took them to test out the images, but you get the idea. I am working with brass on the earrings, gold plate in the neckalce and of coarse my beloved colored glass that I do love so much.

So far, so good I think, I am rather excited to be going in a different direction with these. I am actually on a roll right now, there are a bunch or new pieces in the works. Have I mentioned yet that I love my life right now?

I should be sneak peeking some other new stuff tomorrow, and then hopefully everything will be posted by the end of the week! What day is it...Tuesday...yes, then I can do that.

I have date on Thursday...well, actually my mom has requested to meet the new beau in my life, eek! So we are meeting for drinks before dinner, why am I nervous?

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