Thursday, May 24, 2007

Recent Musings...

I wrote a little piece this week for an ad for Manic Trout, and I thought I would share it here...

When visiting my grand mother as a young girl, I would always go to my favorite antiques shop where she would have me choose my favorite piece that she would buy for me as a gift to remember my trip by. I was always drawn to the jewelry and fell in love with the many fabulous elements of vintage jewelry; the look and heft of aged brass and tarnished silver, the bright colors and bold statements of resin and lucite, the sparkle and weight of vintage crystals and most of all the very unique pieces I would stumble across every now and again that were like nothing I had seen before. Most of all, I just loved knowing I was wearing something that only a few others possessed.

In prep school I began to collect broken vintage jewelry and recreate pieces that combined a medley of my favorite elements and mixing them with pieces from new materials that explored the wild color combinations I could come up with. By the time I was in art school I was selling my creations in a store near campus and to my friends and dorm mates.

It was not until a few years later after I had been collecting odds and ends from flea markets, antiques shops and bead stores that I realized I was amassing a huge amount of supplies and that I should consider perhaps making more then the occasional piece to match my outfit or to give my friends as gifts. I had boxes of bits and baubles including buttons, brass chain, beads, yarn, lucite, gemstones, glass, crystals, shells, flowers and charms and I needed to justify continuing to gather, there was no way I was stopping now!

Manic Trout is the result of combining the new and old, the sought after and the collected elements that I have stumbled upon in my travels, creating new combinations of color and texture and matching up the unexpected to create unique looks that will make you feel special when you slip them on and always make you stand out in the crowd!


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