Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I miss hobbies...

A sweet design I tried out for myself.

The only problem with working as much as I do is that the bar has replaced free time, I have very little time for family, friends, parties, going out, hanging out, exercise, hobbies...all the fun things in life. I try to fit in as much of these as I can...and I manage to squeeze most of it in, but hobbies have no room in my life right now.
For my friend Sheryl on her birthday that I gave her with big stack of books.

I miss embroidery, I loved it, its like painting with thread, and the colors, oh the colors! I also love to needlepoint and between the two I have made everything from labeled laundry bags to pillows to hankies. I even liked to create and draw the patterns, and I have never been much to draw. I actually used to embroider hankies as part of Manic Trout, but that went away when I re structured (which was a very good thing) I at least could still embroider and call it work.
A wedding gift for my mom and stepfather...they had matching hankies.
One day I will have time to hang out and embroider...until that day I can look at the past designs I have done and miss them. Although it did make me realize that all of my hankies are embroidered with my no longer married name...doh! I was so excited to finally have three initials, I think it was the only reason I hyphenated to begin with, I never used the name...but I finally could embroidered a triptych.
A custom order, this was for a landscape I went with a floral structure motif.

I actually like to embroider gifts more than for my self...which many of these pictures were.
For my little sister Thea.

I would say its a lost art, but Jenny Hart has made embroidery hip again with her work and Sublime Stitching her awesome company. I have been in awe of her for years already, but that awe increased last week when I received the latest issue of Juxtapoz and read a great article all about Ms. Hart, made me like her even more.
My little Faye on a hankie


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