Thursday, May 31, 2007

Feeling better than ever

I'm feeling much better...a bit nervous that I have Lymes, but ignoring that little thought for now.

Two new stores are now carrying Manic Trout...

Anomaly Design Shop in Milwaukee, WI and
Hawk and The Butterfly in Chicago, IL

If you are in either area, stop in and give these ladies some support!

I have a bunch of new designs ready to photo and post, but as always I would rather gather a big pile and do it at once, I know its tough to think about the fall when its not even summer, but the I have been working with fall colors and am getting started on designs for the cooler months already...and a I have a new line of bling rings!

I have also been working on my painting project, I have decided not to show any of it until its done, but I am so far very happy with the results, yay!

Just wanted to post a little update...more soon...


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