Monday, May 19, 2008

Why do I never want something until I can't have it?

Since my switch to self employed studio hermit on April 1st, I drive very little. I never was a fan anyway...I used to work 7 miles from home and even though I live in a rural area, I only put 10,000 miles on my car last year and that included a bunch of heavy mileage road trips that I was forced to take. Other than this past week, which due to family commitments had me driving a lot, I maybe get in my car once a week. I live in a village where I walk to the PO and the store if I need get the picture.

So this afternoon a tree removal service parked itself in my driveway and directly in front of the garage where my beloved car is parked...hey if I have to drive, I want to have a nice experience, so I bought a car I love...anyway all of a sudden I have thought of 5 places I NEED TO BE RIGHT NOW! Ok, well top of the list is Adams to buy jelly beans, as my dispenser is out, but that feels very urgent right now!

{off to google Adams hours}

I feel a bit better, Adams is open until 9pm...ahhh...I will have jellybeans later then. But still.



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