Sunday, May 18, 2008

Eco Friendly Guide

Recently I have had a bunch of press for my eco friendly items, so I figured I would make it easier to find them and made a little guide of all of my eco friendly items. You can go check it out here. Mind you, there are a bunch of pieces that use vintage chain and other elements of that nature that did not make the page, but I was trying to focus on items that have larger eco friendly elements.

Speaking of eco elements, have you encountered the organic baby spinach issue of random greens invading your spinach? I have had the worst taste in my mouth ever since my brunch of a breakfast burrito because it seems a dandelion leaf snuck its way past me...I don't do bitter...I have a hard core sweet tooth, I am chewing on a twizzler as I type this...btw, I have been dying for twizzelers since last Sunday and everyone has been out this week!!! I finally got them though, and they are not even able to get rid of this horrible bitter taste...ugh.


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