Friday, May 16, 2008

University of Phoenix

Here is a little tidbit from the mother of all day trips Mother's Day extravaganza last week. So Mom, Thea and I are on our way from my grandfathers in Canton, Ma and headed to Holly's last crew race in Worcester and a little late. Mom had copied the directions from online and accidentally skipped a step, so we are a bit lost and realized that according to the directions online...yay Blackberry! we are not close. So panic starts to set in that we are going to miss the race.

Now right before all of this we were talking about the high cost of living in Boston and speculate that one of the reasons is that so many students live there during the school year. Thea asked how many schools there were and I said like a hundred...exaggerating of I said that yeah, there are all sorts of random not real schools there that you're not thinking of (please don't take offence at that), so Thea asked, what does that mean. So I said you that online school you always see ads for...The University of Phoenix. Which then led to a big discussion about how its named after the mythical bird and not the city in Arizona and I kid you not, while we were discussing this we passed a sign for the school. Which gave me a chance for a bit of I told you so's, which I loved. back to panic setting in...we are driving in a state of panic when all of sudden, on the left hand side of lost and going nowhere was THE UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX!!!!! I swear I almost hit my head on the ceiling I was jumping up and down so much.

The best part is that 5 minutes we are driving over a bridge...Thea goes, hey what is this river...Mom says oh its the {insert name of body of water where race is to take place} and Thea then says...Hey, are those boats, and I exclaimed...Oh My God I've Been There...of coarse the last time I was there was for a race of Hollys...we randomly stumbled upon the race an hour before we thought we would...on time actually and we got to see the University of Phoenix...which I though was a great omen and beacon light for our arrival. So now, every time you see this:

You can think of this story, and know that you too can see this place in person in Worcester, MA.

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