Thursday, May 08, 2008

Man I wish I had a bigger studio!

I have mentioned before that I not only love to paint big, but I bought a small truckload of stretcher bars and canvas in order to do so about 18 months ago...well, what with all the jewelry making going and packages being prepared, I simply am not left with the room to actually paint all of these canvases. *sigh*

Then I was on Decor8 today and saw this from the Australian Vogue Living:

My oh my these are beautiful!

Ok, I don't have enough ceilings to even store canvases this high, which is why I need a big industrial studio space...or a barn..but still...I keep joking that on sunny days I should just haul my easel outside and paint in the driveway...well its starting to sound like a good idea...

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