Sunday, May 04, 2008

Look Mom, Nana would be so proud!

After waking up waaaay to early this morning (especially since I had a date last night) for my open studio...which was fun...thank you to all of you darlings who came...mwah, I decided to treat myself tonight. I spent four hours on the couch with Faye, listening to Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra reading Tom Robbins Villa Incognito which was AWESOME! He is one of my top five favorite authors and I stash his books for times like this...ultra luxurious hours of goodness.

After I finished the book I came back into the studio and found this...

A photo that I took and put on my blog last May is being used to illustrate the Bulletin at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. I had such a great chuckle over this, and the best part is that they linked the post it was from right there in the bulletin!!!!! Maybe they used it because someone called the photos Heavenly in the comments?

Whatever the reason, this is pretty cool for two, I rarely take good phots and really liked this one, so I am touched that others like it too...and two...I wish more then anything that my Nana was here to see this because it would by far have made her prouder of me then anything else I have accomplished. I love and miss you Nana!

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