Saturday, May 03, 2008

What on earth have I been making?

I am sitting here in my studio...its an open studio day, so during the lulls I have been playing...its raining as usual when I have these...and I am feeling a bit sassy...I was going though bowls of odds and ends at my jewelry desk and have found some goodies that I have discontinued, some fun bits I'll post on Etsy, ideas in the works and the weird stuff that I make and then wonder if I would ever wear it...for example..these two items

which I am wearing right the same time...I look a bit nutty, its perfect for an open have three more hours to stop by and how loopy I look...

I actually really like the charm bracelet and will be working on more of these to add to Manic Trout...I love charm bracelets and this one is pretty fun to wear...any thoughts on this?

The pink word one is growing on me, I adore the hot pink vintage lucite beads and the glass pebbles are pretty fun I the only one that would wear this?



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