Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bad weather, bad mood

Spring was here and left again, a week or two of sunshine replaced by cold, grey, raining days that seem to be forecasted for another week are killing me. I laid in bed for an hour and a half this morning because I could not think of a good enough reason to get up. I feel like I live in Syracuse again with all this greyness. Ugh. Its just added to my bad mood. So much is going on with Manic Trout and its growing at a wonderful pace, but every lull...even if for a few hours, sends me into a freak out that everything will fall apart. What a horrible way to live, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Its been a rough few months, major changes in my job and relationship aspects of life affected me rather strongly, stronger then I have been admitting I think. OK, enough whining, nobody likes a whiner. Time to drag Faye out for a walk...she too is very unhappy with the weather and would prefer to stay right where she is...

This is how I feel too.



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