Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The rest of the I'm A Flirt Earrings

What on earth have I been doing that I have not put these up yet!?! We'll blame family and friends who have been been taking over my life from Friday evening at 5 until about four hours ago...

Well, all is back to normal for a few days so I can tie up all loose ends and get back on schedule...speaking of which I walked Faye this afternoon after 5 days off and decided it was that time to start running without her...basically when I get back into running in the warmer months I have to leave Faye at home so she doesn't have a heart attack. This evening I went by myself and enjoyed an awesome 3 mile run...nothing big, just enjoyed the cool air and the feeling of running hills without fearing that my dog will demise.

I am accomplishing things left and right today! Here are the rest of the I'm A Flirt Earrings, there are 6 colors total and all already posted on Manic Trout.

Now if only those new charms would ever arrive I could finish and post the other 5 Let's Stay Together Necklaces...

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