Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hey it's Earth Day!

Ah yes, April 22nd...once upon a time it meant naughty activities on the quad and seeing bands like the Samples for free at school....back when my dorm room looked like this:

and I looked liked this:

um, yeah, I was a deadhead waaaay back in the day.

Anyway, the eco friendly vibe that I picked up at shows and the quad sunk in a bit and I use quite a bit of repurposed materials in my jewelry. Also, any paintings that are done on wood, I am repurposing...a bunch are done on my grandmothers old kitchen cabinets!

In Earth Day news, I was in the Earth Day Issue of Time Out Chicago (mentioned here on their web site), and they took my necklaces on TV in a segment on CBS 2 Chicago about eco friendly products! You can see the footage here and read about it here!

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