Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mine, all mine!

Remember waaaay back in Feb, you know, those days when I was so stressed out that I was falling apart, well in one of the few posts that month that were not about how stressed and busy I was I mentioned that I was in love with a duvet cover over at Anthropologie. On a side note, the really sad thing about no longer having a day job is that I have no extra funds to shop there right now...hey Anthro, I'll barder jewelry for clothes! Anyway so my mom took my hint, ahem my demand for the duvet and euro shams to spruce up my bed for my birthday/spring and I finally received the duvet, yay! The shams are still back ordered until mid June, sigh. I have not put it on the bed yet, and trust me my mom completely mortified me by asking if I was improving up my bed because I have a new beau...horrified...thats the look I had when she asked that! Yeah so I avoided the answer to that then as well. I did however want to share the packaging, because it was oh so blissfully perfectly anthro-esque.



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