Monday, August 11, 2008

A deep appreciation for pre fall weather...

I have been a slave to my computer for the past two days...I have done full website tweaks to all 400+ pages three times now, as I keep deciding to something else after I finish and I am in the process of adding 18 new pieces. I have basically paused only long enough to eat, sleep and walk the dog. So I was rather surprised when I just ran down the street to stewarts for some candy that the weather has become divine. I am a fan of warm days in the 70's dropping to the 50's and 60's at night, and its perfect out right now. Its been raining everyday so the air has that lush, wet smell and a bit of a crisp to it...I was completely charged by how it enveloped my senses and made me giddy with excitement...I guess I like this weather...and I am so excited for fall! ok, enough ramblings...back to work!



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