Saturday, August 02, 2008

In the works...

I have been working on a new concept for a while now, gathering inspiration and ideas...playing around with materials...the usual processes. If you know Manic Trout and my style, you know I like to combine metals, materials, colors and concepts that are not typically found together (I actually eat that way too) and lately I have been obsessed with how to bring delicate fabrics such as tulle and organza into my jewelry while still keeping it wearable. I have been in fact rather obsessed with this idea for a while and I think I am finally ready to show a finished piece. I actually have been for some time, but I was feeling shy...then I saw this photo of this Armani Prive dress by Raphael Dallaporta for Stiletto Magazine and knew felt mixed that I wished I had put the necklace online before I saw this and two rather proud that I was having similar designs in my head as the designers at Armani...any way...the dress is up above, such a stunning photo that I had to share...

So any thoughts on the necklace? I am really liking the glass, chain and tulle mix...I am unsure of quantity of tulle...for some reason I go for the off center look, is that pleasing to others? I don not think I want it centered...what about if there was more of it?

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