Thursday, June 05, 2008

Trying to be more eco responsible

I try to do my part on not completely wasting the earths natural resources...I use dishtowels instead of paper towels, create a line of eco friendly jewelry using repurposed materials, drive as little as possible when I could walk instead and try to shut off lights when I leave a room...although the last one is something I am trying to be better at...also shutting off the water when I brush my teeth. My biggest offence however is drinking only bottled water...all the time, and I live in a village where the tap water is just fine. I love the sweet after taste of aquafina, its easier to drink room temp (how I prefer water) and I don't have to fear ruining another wireless keyboard because I knocked over a glass of water.

I'm going cold turkey right now...its sucks...I am convinced that my tap water tastes like wet paper towels...but I'm trying...I'm hoping that if we are all a little tiny bit more eco conscious then gas will not become $8 a gallon.

While you ponder that idea, have a peek at a necklace that will debut next week...and my doodle...

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