Wednesday, July 02, 2008


When I see certain things I get goosebumps, butterflies and a case of the reaction to pleasure I suppose...there is a certain sun bleached quality that shows up in my favorite photos taken during the summer and trust me you will be seeing more photos like these in the next two months...if I had any wall space at all I would buy them by the arm load...but I am all out so its up to you...I have to just admire them on my computer for now...thank you etsy artists for capturing beauty so well....

1. Ayla Bottle Cap Bangle Bracelet by Manic Trout
2. Summer by sfjamiejones
3. Ferris Wheel by buckscountyframes
4. The Pier by SusannahTucker
5. Ephemera by irenesuchocki
6. Bliss by AliciaBock
7. Reminiscing by 7e9ah

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