Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where I Work...

Have I shown where I work? I have taken many photos, but never show them as I always feel that its not clean enough, or looking right or whatever, but I realized that if this is what it pretty much looks like for my monthly open studios so I might as well get over myself and welcome you in...

A bit of background: I live and work in an apartment in a lovely house with a wrap around porch and lush gardens which in the smack in the center of a pretty little town, so I am near everything and yet it is still quiet and secluded. The town doctor once lived here with his family and my apt was his studio was the waiting room, which is ideal as it is the room you enter into and the rest of the apt can remained closed off.

Above is the brain of the studio...the wall behind the desk is my "inbox" which I prefer to be able to see all at once, so I know what is on my plate. You can see a few of the many inspiration boards here too.

The white shelf unit was the paint mixing bench from the local hardware store and when they had a new one made I snagged it right up, and it is where I have all sorts of fun stuff, magazines that I cut up for inspiration, binders of files, paper supplies, framed signs for open studio and other shelvable wonders. You can see a few of my inspiration boards, my shelf of sketch books over the armoir and catch a glimpse of the shipping station in the center of the room.

I realized awhile ago that leaving up the shop part of Manic Trout between open studios was a great way to save time, keep jewelry organized, allow local shoppers to drop in and make the whole space look prettier. The table with the pink cloth, the glass blocks behind the shipping station and the sign are all part of the "shop". My painting area jammed in the back of the room, I have some room....but I really do not have enough space to paint as large as I day I will.

Here is part of the wall of trout, so pretty...the other side of the shipping station, the white carts where all of the labels and wrapping materials live, the tool corner and a glimpse at where all of the jewelry zone.

Which brings us to the jewelry zone...boxes and boxes of materials...including two printmaker shelves on the right side of the desk filled with charms and covered in a sheet of plexiglass I had cut to fit over them so they stay dust free and visible. I rarely sit here without making anything...I love working here and when I look up what do I gaze...oh look its yet another inspiration board!

I hope you enjoyed the tour, you're always welcome to stop in for a visit!



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